“History never repeats itself, but it rhymes,” — Mark Twain.

We, as a planet, are living through an absurd period of history. Despite our current climate, there is still plenty of time and energy to swarm people over the internet. We have yet to hit the second wave of Corona, but we may be hitting the second wave of the gamer hate mobs mobilizing. Flashes of late 2014 come to mind with a mystic rhyme reiterated in the spectacle of FerociouslySteph. Escalations of harassment, conspiracy theories, rape and death threats, doxxing, and at times legitimate criticisms.

The controversy started as…

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I’m Ken, a 25-year-old bouncing around NYC, always stopping at the East River. I am absolutely riddled with ADHD. This gives me a wide breadth of interests but my favorite subjects are philosophy, politics, and internet culture.

I’ve been writing for 5 years, most of which has been fiction and scattered through various notebooks. In total, I have 9 unfinished stories and hundreds of ideas.

I’m happiest drunk with friends, each of us screeching pseudo-intellectual nothings at each other while we all laugh at the absurdity. Otherwise, I spend my time with my opinionated bulldog.

Fun Facts

  • I’ve scared friends with how…

An early piece about the pandemic

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I was seeing red; holes began burning through the mental film-reel of the present. My jaw clenched hard, ready to break. It got a respite when I began to yell, “What do you mean you don’t know?!” I threw my phone straight down onto the carpet without ending the call. I collapsed and I waited. My boss at the theatre had no answers, no one did.

Since the pandemic began in March it has taken a relentless toll on the lives of millions of Americans. It still has a hold on us. Security is…

A Story of Desperation and Struggle

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You get home from a long day’s work, you jump in the shower, and the stress melts away in 20 minutes. Well, you should stop. Stop taking long showers. Long showers are destructive, extravagant, and inconsiderate.

Here’s why you should stop taking long showers:

The Environment

I love staring down the barrel of ecological collapse; it’s one of my favorite hobbies. Thankfully, it looks like I’ll be able to do so till the day I die. Better yet, my kids will get to carry on the tradition. …

When You Need a Little Help From Your Friends

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It’d be hard to find a person who doesn’t instantly recognize coffee or cigarettes. They’ve long been the measure of bad-assery. Why? Honestly, because it’s cool as fuck, whether that’s been a factor of manipulation through ad placements or not. Coffee and cigarettes are more than just cool things for emo kids to do. They are a tool that can give you an edge in your creative work.

I started smoking around age 8. I took a small break in middle school and then in my first two years at university. Since becoming an existentialist at 22, coffee and cigarettes…

“In six seconds, you’ll hate me. But in six months, you’ll be a better writer.” — Chuck Palahniuk.

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There are a ton of writing rules. Some explicit, others not so much. You can get lost in the cesspool of opinions on which edicts to hold onto and which to dump. Everyone has their process, and not everyone follows their own advice. The landscape confuses us all, but there’s one mandate to follow regardless of your genre or style. The one rule that dominates writing is: do not use “thought” verbs.

Chuck Palahniuk, one of the greatest writers in the last twenty, writes bestseller after bestseller. It’s not because he’s funny or because he writes about controversial issues. Palahniuk’s…

Insert Unironic Inspirational Quote

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“I’m too drunk to taste this chicken” — Colonel Sanders.

We all fuck up. If you’re like me, you fuck up a lot. And there’s no sugarcoating it Papi, fucking up shit’s on your parade. Alright, enough moping and needless cussing. Let’s make it a comeback.

After 4 years, I started writing consistently in 2020. I wrote fiction this whole time but not consistently; I valued time with people I loved (This is not an indictment of those who do write every day). Once the pandemic kicked off, I began to ramp up my writing. I’d write an hour of…

A Resource of Words You Should Use Sparingly

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These are the trickiest of verbs and the laziest of words. Thought verbs tell the reader what’s going on, but they do so in a compressed and dull way. One of the core tenants of writing is to show and not tell. Using thought verbs is the fastest way to tell and not to show. They are also the most common, being used in conservation every day.

Here’s the list of verbs to avoid:

My teacher for an online course said I needed to work on my transitions and this will definitely help.

And you don’t know what you’re talking about

Credit: Bobby Lewis

The Situation

Today was another historically hilarious day for the internet. If you’ve gouged your eyes out, shoved knitting needles in your ears, and haven’t heard: a bunch of nerds hurt two (and in the long run, maybe more) hedge funds by buying GameStop stock. The event is only news because a bunch of rich white guys lost tons of money and people are blaming Donald Trump.

A CNN article, How Trumpism explains the GameStop stock surge, blames Trump for the event. With all due respect, the author doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

First, the idea that hedge fund managers and…

Ken Malone

Politics, philosophy, culture and sometimes writing. kmalone.co

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